Oracabessa Foundation

The Oracabessa Foundation was founded in 1995. Its mandate is to strive to be a catalyst for the sustainable development of Oracabessa, specifically in the areas of health, environment, education, sports and entrepreneurship. In addition, the Foundation has been actively involved in providing housing and improvements to the town center. Projects sponsored by the Oracabessa Foundation include: Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary, Jacks River H.E.A.R.T Vocational Training Centre, and the Oracabessa Skills Bank.

The main objective of the Foundation is to foster leadership, independence, and responsibility among the citizens of Oracabessa, and to encourage and assist in sustainable development initiatives for the community. These initiatives include:

  • Assisting, or establishing and operating educational, environmental, health and recreational facilities and programs within the community.
  • Enhancing the awareness of the community of its cultural heritage and environment while developing mechanisms to protect and preserve these important assets for future generations.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship, particularly in areas such as digital literacy, e-commerce, and hands-on skills development in commercial areas such as hospitality and skilled and semi-skilled trades.

The Oracabessa Foundation has undertaken several projects to support these initiatives. These projects range from dispute settlement and mediation to cultural programs involving music and dance as well as several agricultural projects. The most active program to date has been the formation of the Istand Sports Trust. In addition, the Foundation has established 6 computer labs and provisioned computer-aided software for the improvement of reading skills at the primary school level.

For more information about the Oracabessa Foundation, visit their website at: www.OracabessaFoundation.org